Saturday, October 16, 2010


As a human being we are all living in our environment. There is no life without nature and social environment. I am going to talk about some advantage that environment giving us and disadvantages that we behave to the environment.
Firstly, the advantages of living in our nature are:
There are too many benefits we take from nature but I will write few of them which we see directly. It gives us water, air, forest, trees, flower, animals, oceans, seas and beautiful sights. Also, it just gives us everything for free. We all drink water, breathe, smell flowers, use tables made by wood, see the beautiful of our life and take kife from it every day, every minute, every second.
On the other hand, the threats we giving to the nature are:
We all know we can’t live without air, water, however we see the nature’s beauty and always talk about protecting it , we don’t take it seriously and do nothing from our heart. We just trash everything to the ground, pollutes air by using our car or building factories, cut the trees, walk on the grasses,  waste the water, pollute our river.
Also the advantages of living in our social life are:
The difference between animal and human is just 3%. It is the brain and all the other things run exactly the same. Since, we have the brain using our advantage we have the relationship to the social. We love each other, communicate, to be socialized and cultured.
Love can change everything such us achievement, success, behavior, reflex it can change everything. The most great arts, creates’ reason is mostly love.
Imagine you’re living without communicating, not using net or phone. It is impossible right? We’re living in our environment communicating each other.
To be cultured is very important. There is too many cultures such as, eating culture, wearing culture, greeting culture. We learn them and use them to show how our status are.
And the bad threats we giving to the social environment are: 
Nowadays, smoking drinking, not respecting, saying this is my freedom and doing whatever we want. We don’t study but goes to party, we don’t help our parents but waste their money, spend too much money on cigarettes, drugs, alcohols giving us a bad affects. We sometimes even don’t say “Good morning” to our teachers. it is the most regretful affects. 
Global warming, ozone layer, recycling, trashing, air pollution, smoking…we hear it many times on the TV, radio, magazine, newspaper or human talking. Why they are being heard so many times? Because it’s time to think and care about our environment.

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