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Les Miserable- Evaluation essay

Humanity or Honesty
Since first film has introduced about 120 years ago, movie has become one part of our life. It is not just way to spend our free time, but also it gives benefits to the people who are watching. There are many types of film such as adventure, horror, comedy, science fiction and documentary. Each of these gives different feeling, different thought and different meaning to the audience. The film that I want to introduce is called “Les Miserable” which is science fiction and fantasy that talks about a man who has went to jail for 19 years because of stealing bread. I highly recommend you to watch this movie. I liked almost all of the movie but I want to point out three things specially: the deeper meaning of the movie, the way the story is told, and the skillful actors.
The movie “Les Miserable” made by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and directed by Billie August in 1998. It is based on the novel of by Victor Hugo. Here is how the story goes.  Jean Valjean was the prisoner and was paroled, but that time the government did not allow paroled people to live as free as normal residents. He had to go to one defined city and work there as a laborer for his whole life. However, he went to another city, changed his name and became mayor of the city. One day the Inspector Javert who was the inspector of Jean Valjean when he was in prison came to the city and saw Valjean.  During that time a woman named Fantine who works in the factory was suffering with illness, so she begged Valjean to care of her daughter after her death. Inspector Javert was trying to catch Valjean because he broke the law. Thus, Jean Valjean decided to take Cosette(Fantine’s daughter) and escape to Paris and begin a new life again. During the time living in Paris for 20 years, Inspector Javert didn’t give up and had been chased after him, which made Valjean to always hide from him in the church. After they exited from church, Cosette was in love with Marius /young revolutionary man/. Marius was shot by Inspector Javert because he made civil war against him. At that time, Valjean saw Marius was almost dying and told Inspector Javert to release Marius and kill him instead. However, eventually Inspector Javert understood how to be kind to others from Jean’s behavior and killed himself instead of Valjean.
This movie gives really impressive deeper meaning to the public. Firstly, Jean Valjean represents how people could change, how to be forgivable and be kind to others. For example, even though Javert was trying to kill him all the time, he forgives Javert several times, especially one time he didn’t kill him even though he had a chance. That makes us understand that kindness and forgiveness always win. Also, Fantine’s passion to work was impressive. Because she had to feed her daughter, she did everything to earn money, even prostitute. Until she dies she was fighting for her girl. Finally, it also could show 18th century’s France’s society that how authoritative were controlling and using the poor folk and made them suffer without any freedom.
In addition to the meaning of the movie, the way the story is told makes the movie interesting and helps audience to understand the story easily. The movie does not really bore with repetitious, just point out the key things. It shows three main time lines: the paroled time, the mayor time, and the life in Paris, and moves very quickly one time to another such as saying “10 years later”. That makes audience to understand the key points easily without showing unnecessary events much of the time. Also, the movie left some of the things mysterious and tells it later, which makes interesting. For example, I didn’t know the Jean Valjean’s reason to go to prison until the last part of the movie.
Finally, the actors’ skill was so wonderful. I especially like the Inspector Javert(Geoffrey Rush), Fantine(Uma Thurman) and of course Jean Valjean(Liam Neeson). Geoffrey Rush and Liam Neeson were the main actors and we can catch the meaning and behaviors of the roles easily seeing their actions, emotions and body language. I still can remember the Geoffrey Rush’s serious face that he was so justice when he was chasing after Valjean. In addition, Liam Neeson made Jean Valjean really well that his eyes were full of kindness and forgiveness during the movie.  Also, Uma Thurman’s dying part was so persuasive, I almost cried over it.
Overall, I highly recommend you to watch the movie “ Les Miserable”. In addition to the movie caught my interest so much, it gives impressive meaning to the public, also the scenes lead us to understand better, and the actors’ skill was perfect. Historically, we always used to divide all things into two groups which are good and bad. As we see in the movie there were two good behaviors that were always opposing each other. One was honesty which was presented by Inpector Javert, and other was humanity presented by Jean Valjean. Thus, the things that we think right or wrong could also be changeable and things don’t always stand the same all the time. Which one do you think is better, honesty or humanity?

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