Sunday, September 19, 2010

The most interesting place to visit

" I am not from Erdenet" I should say. Because I will talk about Erdenet, which is the most interesting place to visit in Mongolia.
Firstly, why Erdenet?
    Erdenet is a small, clean and young city.Also the last placce I've visited. It made really strong impression on me. It's only 30 year old city. Even if Erdenet is quite young city you can find everything you need. It's really well developed city. Mongolian biggest metal industry named G.O.K which is included list of top 10 metal industries in the world. That's why Erdenet's development so fast. This industry located little bit far frim the centre of  Erdenet, so no air pollution and no water pollution.
   If you visit Ulaanbaatar, you can see only a big city, heavy traffic, and air pollution. Otherwise, you can go to countryside.You will only see nature, horses, sheep, cows and farms. You can't find everything you need in your daily life. So, ERDENET?
   Erdenet has a big area of land and centre of this there is a small city. You can smell the fresh air like you're in countryside. Also can play in the river, see the farms, horses and wild nature.On the other hand, like being in Ulaanbaatar, you can surf the internet, eat any food you want. You can find any electronic, automatic machines, in Erdenet. If you visit Erdenet, you can see not only city but also countryside.
  Finally, whenever I hear the name of Erdenet, I feel weak wind, shining sun, blue sky and smell of fresh friut, fresh air, sound of laughing people, playing babies and illustrate the picture of clean city, wild nature, and beautiful mountains.I don't know how to describe the night in Erdenet's shining stars, lights in the street. Everything is just awesome.

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