Saturday, September 11, 2010


   Like a snowflake everybody is different from each other. Everybody has different appearances, bodies, mind, and thoughts. But one similar thing is that everybody has a mother.
  Mother is a person who always cares about you. Mother is a person who always worries about you. Mother is a person who has the biggest sense about you. When you are sad they make you happy, when you are crying they make you laugh,when you cold they make you warm. She is like an angel the God gave us.
  We always call "Mommy" from the time we learnt speaking. We can't imagine our life without mother.
 On the other hand, we don't know how we making our mothers torture. When you go very far away, go out at the nights they always worry without saying us.
  Once we came this world with our angel "Mom" we must love her without reply. No one will love you, miss you, care you, worry you as much us your mother. I promise...

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