Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Discuss ways to improve the learning of foreign languages.

You know it is modern twenty first century. For many reasons such as globalization, travelling or education system we have necessary to learn foreign languages. Unfortunately, some people can’t find the way to improve foreign languages at all. I have some ways that could solve this problem. To start with, simply if you have mp3, mp4 or ipodwe should listen to and sing songs in the language.  It may improve our pronunciation. Furthermore, you can write lyrics by listening without seeing. This method helps our ears to listen the whole word.
Another way would be to watch more films in the language we are trying to learn. This may encourage our knowledge about the country’s culture and some idioms, phrases, slangs that usually used daily.
The most effective way to learn foreign languages would be to participate in student exchange programs or to organize trips abroad. So that, we will have advantage to live in the country’s atmosphere thus we will learn culture phrase and listen, talk with regional residents.
All in all, if you want to learn some foreign languages this ways would help you.

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