Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Magician" movie review

The magician is adventure and mysterious movie about a magician who has very unique lifestyle, finds his love fighting continuously.
John Mccindash, the main character of the movie, has unusual ability for doing magic.From his childhood he was in love with one girl who is from high class but her parents never seemed to agree them. After a long disappearance, Julie is about to marry with prince , he appears unexpectedly and the story begins.
Strange things begin  to happen there, when a mysterious secret is revealed at the ending, his and Julie's life is changed forever and they live together in their whole life. The film has original and characters are professional that they letting us see into the story very deeply.
It is well worth seeing this film thus don't miss to see it. It will make you to go into soul of a sensitive but strong fighting for his life.

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