Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eating habits in Mongolia

Eating habits in Mongolia
In my country, various types of eating habits for young people. It usually depend on what do they do.
First of all, many of the young people are student so their eating habits are little bit different from others. Because of  strain works and projects they don’t have time to cook all the cooks at all. Thus, they eat some fast food or sometimes they don’t eat anything during daytime and then in the evening they eat too much. As you know it is very bad habit that actually have to be taken out. It is dangerous for their health and some doctors say it is very wrong eating habit.
In addition, for the young people who has work is little bit different but some results such as health are same. They think that they don’t have to cook because they have money to go to restaurants. Then they always go to expensive restaurants as a result it is bad for their health, too.
In conclusion, Mongolian young people can’t manage their food hours and portions so they have to deal with it very quickly.

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