Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Local supermarket

Introduction: The purpose of this report is to give an advice to customer about a local supermarket.

 They have lots of very cheap special offers. So that, you can save a lot of money by buying their own brand of goods. On the other hand, their normal prices aren't much cheaper than the prices at other supermarket.
Variety of products:
 They have thousands and thousands of different products however, there isn't a very wide choice of different brands.
Decor atmosphere:
The way they arranged the selves makes it easy to find what you want. Also, people say it's nice to be able to do all your shopping in one place.
In addition, there are lots of different sections such as a meat counter, a bakery, a cosmetic counter..etc so you can get everything you need.
I advice that this supermarket is alternative choice to go shopping. It has many kind of different products and cheap special offers moreover, the shelves are arranged easily to find.

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